West Lothian Local History Library decanted

West Lothian Local History Library staff muscles are beginning to recover from the unaccustomed activity of September, when the library was decanted into Linlithgow branch library.

Just two years ago we moved from Blackburn into the fine 1930s County Buildings in the centre of Linlithgow. However, it’s now to be turned into a partnership centre, and while the work is underway, the Local History Library has been decanted into the nearby branch library. The new space is very small – about one fifth of what we had – so much of the stock has had to go into storage.

We’re asking the public to give us at least 24 hours notice so that we can open up the store and bring items across the road to the library, ready for use. So far, during our first two weeks, the system has worked alright.

When we move back into County Buildings in the summer, we’ll have yet another new location – the former County Council chamber on the first floor. It will be a fine setting for the library and we very much hope it will be a permanent home. Four moves is enough for any librarian in the course of their career! When the cramped conditions here begin to get on our nerves, we’ll try to consider it present pain for future gain.

So if you see somebody running across Linlithgow High Street with three fat valuation rolls on their head, it’ll be Kirsty or me!

Sybil Cavanagh
West Lothian Local History Librarian


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